Polson High School's 2020-2021 Yearbook is ready to be ordered!

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Sealed in Gold 


Thank you for visiting our all new Polson High School yearbook site! Currently, the 2020-2021, Sealed in Gold books are not available for official order, but you may reserve a book. If you do so, we will automatically order a book for you once the time comes. (To reserve a book, email Mr. Knutson.)

SENIORS! It's time to get in your baby photos for baby ads in the back of the yearbook. For Baby Ads, you can pay for a quarter or half page, with a customizable message from your family and childhood photos of your choice. These baby ads are due January, and it's 25$ for a half page and 15$ for a whole. You can find a form and information in the front office, or can email your preferences to Mr. Knutson.

Any Questions? Email kknuston@polson.k12.mt.us

Yearbooks Available

For any further questions or orders, message Kyle Knutson, Yearbook Adviser.

Tel: (406) 883-6351 Extension: 228

1712 2nd St W, Polson, MT 59860

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